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The Power of Visualizing Your Dream

"You are what you think" goes the saying. Instead, according to Robert T. Kiyosaki, the world's best selling author and the writer of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" says that you are what you learn and what you do everyday. That's absolutely right. People mostly judge us from what we think and what we do everyday. And we could create tremendous success in our life by first thinking of it and visualizing our dream.

Yup, we could create success start from within. Start from our mind. Since our mind is actually our precious asset.

By learning to visualize our dream as though it's real detail and emotionally we can create whatever success we want.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the Lion of the Desert is a great example. Napoleon when he was a kid, used to drown himself in his dream. He had spent the first 20 years of his life conquering the continents and countries throughout Europe within his mind. And what happened next? The history reveals the proof that what he thought became a reality. What a great power of mind.

This is in line with what Henry David Thoreau said that "What lies and appears in front of or behind us is just small factor comparing to what lies within. When it comes out, then Miracle happens"

That's what we call "The Power of Visualizing your Dream."

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