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The Power of Now!

"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today" goes the saying. We couldn't agree more! Yup, this kind of saying or proverb is often heard everyday. People always say it. Though it's easy to say yet, not that easy to do it.

Most people tend to postpone doing things and would get things done by tomorrow. They really suffer from "Syndrome of Proscastination"! since they don't realize that each day has its own specific and unique task and responsibility that can never be replaced by another day.

Remember that TIME FLIES AWAY. It waits for no man. Therefore, we should always get things done immediately and utilize the time effectively. Instead, we ought to do them now! Since time lost never found and "LIFE IS JUST TOO SHORT TO WASTE"

Therefore, never delaye, postpone and put off anything that you can do today till tomorrow. Never put off till another hour what you can do now.

That's why, start from now on we should get rid of that kind of bad habit i.e. postponing things and familiarize ourself with 'Do it Now' habit.

Let's make a brand new history today and never waste time for life is just too short to waste.
Do it Now or Never!

That's what we call as the Power of Now.

What do you think?
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